Infosys mysore campus tour

Infosys Mysore campus tour is now available on

You can get an inside look and get to know more about your next IT Campus

In this post, I will tell you how you can take an Infosys Mysore tour using various methods.

Tour methods for experience Infosys Mysore Campus

  1. Physical visit and weekend tour
  2. Virtual 360 degrees VR tour
  3. Online campus tour (Best photos and video compilation)
    1. Cinematic Tour
    2. Detailed Tour
    3. Infosys Journey
    4. Timelapse
  4. Campus tour using Helicopter.

1) Infosys Mysore campus tour by phycial visit

Physical visit at Infosys mysore Campus

2) Infosys Mysore campus virtual Tour with 360 VR

This is the link for virtual tour of infosys mysore campus.

You will need

3) Infosys Mysore Campus Online tour

This section include Photos and videos.

Full Gallery.

Hyperlapse tour of Infosys Campus
Detailed tour of Infosys Mysore Campus

4) Campus Tour in helicopter

Aerial tour of Infosys mysore campus

This is all about infy campus tour. I hope you liked all forms of tour of Mysore DC. From this post you can get better idea about infosys Mysore Campus.

If you have any question do let me know in the comments below. Till then stay healthy, stay safe! peace!

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