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In this post, I will tell you all about Infosys company in Mysore. Are you fresher and received a joining letter to Infosys? Want to know all about Infosys Mysore campus? How is life at Infosys company in Mysore?

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  1. Infosys company location in Mysore, address and direction.
  2. Size of infosys campus in infosys mysore.
  3. Food Facilities on campus
  4. Accommodation facilities inside the company’s campus
  5. Entertainment facilities inside Infosys Mysore DC
  6. FAQ on Infosys company in Infosys

1) Infosys company location in Mysore, address and direction.

Infosys has created one of the largest training centers located in Mysore, Karnataka. This campus is built in Hebbel Electronic area.

Undoubtly, campus is well connected with main city. A bus is built near the main gate of campus. Autos will be always available in front of gate.

Additinally, Ola, uber and bike rentals services are available as well.

There are main 3 ways by which you can come here.

  1. Airways – Banglore Airport –> Intercity bus to Mysore — Cab till Campus
  2. Railyway- Till Mysore Junction –> Cab till campus
  3. Bus – Till City bus Stand –> Cab till campus

2) Size of infosys campus in infosys mysore.

infosys mysore DC
Infosys Mysore Aerial view

The size of Infosys mysore campus is built on 370 acre of land. for 13000.

Especially, Infosys ltd converted this campus into a smart city. Each aspect of the campus is perfectly organized. Everything is sorted and managed with great details.

Additionally, Energy management to waste management, rainwater harvesting, electricity, water-saving, carbon emission everything is monitored here.

Here is the In-depth article about Infosys Mysore campus. This article will give info about all the important aspects related to campus.

3) Food Facilities on campus

Arena food court FC 1
Arena food court FC 1 infosys mysore campus (out of 10 FC)

All the food facilities are present inside the campus. You don’t have to go outside for food meals.

From breakfast to dinner and basic fast food, Chinese, pizza, burger, meals, etc are available inside Infosys Mysore campus.

Although, there is much more information that you need to know about food facilities inside Infosys Mysore. Here you can get in-depth information about food facilities in Infosys Mysore campus

Without a doubt, You will get food in different food courts (gaint canteens). There is a total of 10 food courts in Infosys Mysore. Some of which can serve food to 1000 trainees at once.

Notably, Few food courts are near your classrooms, and few food courts are near your ECC rooms.

Here is the list of all 10 food courts in Infosys Mysore. Additionally, this post gives all-important about food courts, timings and prices of each food court.

Here are the images of all food courts in infosys mysore Campus

4) Accommodation facilities inside the company’s campus

infosys mysore ECC rooms
infosys mysore campus accommodation ECC rooms.

You will live inside the company campus boundaries. You will get your room keys before the reporting date. 

Generally, trainees live in hostel buidings called as ECC. ECC is employee care center.

Here is an in-depth post about Accommodation facilities in Infosys Mysore campus

5) Entertainment facilities inside Infosys Mysore DC

Infosys Mysore Multiplex
Movie Multiplex

Firstly, you will be living in giagentic campus along with your new friends. Unlike e-entertainment, you will spend more time with people.

Secondly, Campus features a giant multiplex that screens the latest movies each weekend. For this you have to take facilities membership which costs 100 rupees.

With this memberships you can watch movies atleast 8 days in a week (4-5 Weekends in a month)

Additionally, You can enjoye your favorite sports as well.

Importantly, Mysore campus is a paradise for photographers. If you are creative enough, you can involve in short movie making as well.

Frequently asked questions about Infosys company in Mysore (FAQ)

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This was all about “infosys company in mysore”.

Please go throught linked articles for in detail information.

I will catch you guys in the next post. Peace!

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rohithkumar · October 28, 2020 at 2:41 pm

l want training in infosys company
l have completed BE computer

    Head · November 11, 2020 at 5:20 am

    You should attend either walkin or campus interview. There is a great possibility to get selected for training in the college campus interview.

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