Infosys Mysore Campus is a training center of Infosys Ltd. It is the largest training center with the capacity to train 10000 students at once. It is generally referred to as Mysore DC.

Infosys myore campus

Ahmm! It will be going to a long and very exciting journey. Take a cup of coffee and start reading all about this Infy Mysore DC.

I am putting context below so that You can jump through the topics.


  1. Overview, area, aerial view of Infosys DC
  2. Address, Location, Direction
  3. The infrastructure of Infosys Mysore DC
  4. Accommodation facilities
  5. Food Facilities in campus
  6. Sports and Health Facilities In Infosys Mysore DC
  7. General facilities In Infy Mysure Campus
  8. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  9. Life at Infosys Mysore Campus
  10. Image Gallery of whole campus
  11. Training facilities and training period at Infosys Mysore
  12. Do’s and Dont’s in Infosys Mysore Campus
  13. My thoughts about Infosys Mysure Campus.

1) Overview- Area, Aerial view of Infosys Mysore Campus

Mysore Campus has a total area of 350 acres. With the aim of making it a smart city by 2015, decent investments were done by Infosys.

Many initiatives were taken by Infosys to make their campuses smart and sustainable, and this campus is one of the best examples.

Currently, this campus has less than 10000 trainees and 7000+ employees working. But it has the capacity to go beyond 15000 trainees and 8-1000 employees as the new software development center’s work is in progress.

From the trainee’s perspective, all the necessary facilities are available on this campus.

Aerial view of Infy ltd Mysore Karnataka.

From the ground, this campus looks astonishing and very green and ecofriendly. Let’s have an aerial view of Infosys Mysore DC. 

In fact, there is one thing you will notice only in an aerial view. 

At the western end of the campus, there are 7 building which represents the word Infosys. Each building has its shape based on the letters in word Infosys.

During my visit to Infosys Mysore DC, I stayed at Building with letter N.

This will be only visible In aerial view.

Infosys company in mysore
Infosys Mysore Aerial View


2) Address, Location, Direction, Connectivity from Infosys Mysore DC

This campus is located in Mysore, Karnataka.

Address: No. 350, Hebbal Electronics City, Hootagalli, Mysuru, Karnataka 570027

From Mysore Junction to Infosys Mysore campus

It is recommended to come here using Ola, Uber if you want to reach quickly. Public transport takes way long route and time to reach here. 

You can reach in less than 20 minutes using private vehicles or go hire services.

This campus is built in Hebbal Electronics City which is the hub of IT companies in Mysore. You will other Major IT companies as well near this campus.

Hebbal Electronics City is at the northern edge of the Mysore City. This place is better maintained and clean than the rest of the Mysore city.

Overall Campus and its surroundings are well maintained. 



Connectivity options in Infosys Mysore DC

  1. Gate no. 2 is the main entrance to the campus. You will find many autos near gate no. 2
  2. Near to gate no 2. there is a bus stand where buses run with the avg duration of 20 min and more frequently at peak time.
  3. Intercity buses also pick passengers from Infosys gate no 2. 
  4. You can always go with ola, uber.
  5. As Vogo, bouse, Rapido is rising you can expect these options will be soon available or already might have started.

3) The infrastructure of the Infosys Campus of Mysore

This campus made with all the facilities and amenities in it. The whole campus is has divided into several parts

  1. Education Centers (GEC)
  2. Software Development Centers (SDB)
  3. Accommodation Centers (ECC)
  4. Employee Centers (for permanent employees)
  5. Food courts (FC)
  6. Sport and Entertainment centers (RCC + grounds)
  7. e-management Centers
Infosys Mysore Campus GEC 1
Infosys Mysore Campus GEC 2


Overall Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the campus is very diverse and includes every possible aspect of quality living. While checking all the possible checkboxes it campus also able to maintain its core aspects. 

This campus itself is a mini smart city. It has great control over power, waste, and water management. The whole campus looks beautiful and well managed.


Pollution and e-management

Pollution levels and water quality levels are way better than Infosys city’s average pollution level.

This campus has a rainwater harvesting facility and a couple of ponds in it. The entire campus is decorated with different verities of trees. It is such a green leisure. 

I often call Infosys Mysore campus as a Corporate Resort.



GEC’s are well built and are one of the main attractions for trainees and visitors. Both GEC’s equipped with thousands of desktops, coffee machines, water coolers and very basic amenities required while learning.

GEC 2 has one of the well-built libraries in corporate sector. When you will step in GEC 2, you definitely feel proud and amazing to get selected.



ECC’s are built on the north-western part of the campus. You complete your studies and entertainment and get lost in the world of friendship and quality living with your buddies.

ECC’s has each possible facility you need during your stay in the campus. Housekeeping to laundry and ironing facilities. Smoking zones to smoke detectors. TV’s AC’s hot water, specious rooms everything is available inside ECC’s


Sports and Entertainment

 These are the best things in Infosys Mysore DC. You will get sports ground for almost all the major indoor and outdoor games. This DC has an inhouse Auditorium hall cum theatre cum Multiplex for movie entertainment. Gym and pool facilities are also available to fulfill your fitness needs.



There are separate sections for software developers which termed as Origami building. Inhouse software development was great though to include in parallel to giving services. 


Food Courts in Infosys Mysore Campus (Totall 10)

Food courts are built strategically. As the whole campus is divided into several sections, food courts are also built near to them. For example, Campus entrance has one food court for immediate visitors. Three food courts are there near ECC’s. One food court is in front of the multiplex. One is there for employees building. 

Some food courts are totally closed with AC facilities while other food courts are very giant and airy that don’t need air conditioning. Each food court is very spacious. But often get overcrowded.

So this was the infrastructure of the Infosys Mysore campus. Now, let’s take a look at each of them one by one.


4) Accommodation facilities in Infosys campus of Mysore

Generally, trainees spend either 3 months(BSc) or 6 months(Btech) here. Anyway, it’s a long time away from home. To make sure you are not away from home in terms of living facilities, Infosys got this section right.

Read all about accommodation in infosys mysore campus

In detail

Mysore campus has many buildings for accommodation referred to as ECC (Employee Care Centers). ECC is nothing but employee care centers. You will spend your entire stay here.

ECC’s are separated based on gender i.e. Boys ECC and Girls ECC. The entrance to the opposite ones is strictly restricted. ECC and its rooms are all the basic facilities.


Listing most common thing available in ECC’s

One Bed, study table, lamp, Drawer, Cupboard, Coffee cup, water bottle, LCD TV, Fan, AC, Hot water, large bathrooms, dustbins, showers, shoe rack, etc.

In addition to washing clothes, there are laundry facilities available at the basement of several ECC’s

Each floor of the ECC building has multiple water coolers for freshwaters. Housekeeping facilities are also included.

For all of the above services, you have to pay 3500 rupees for a sharing basis. If Non-sharing then its 4500rs. Non-sharing is discontinued (maybe temporarily).


How to book ECC accommodation in Infosys Mysore

For freshers, on the first day itself when you will enter in campus, you will get keys of your room. You can come one day prior to the date of joining and collect your keys. My joining date was 3rd Oct 2016 and I reached campus on 2nd Oct. I collected my keys and then minibus took me to the ECC.

ECC’s are also divided into several types by infrastructure and guest. 

The most common ECC’s are 8th floory building and most of the trainees get their accommodation here.

If no vacancies in these ECC’s then you might get a room in 4 floory buildings. Functionality and facilities wise there is no difference. But You will get better surrounding and cellular signals in 4 floory ECC’s

Apart from ECC’s to Employees, they can be booked for parents as well. You can book your accommodation in Infosys Mysore campus for your parents/ family.

 These Ecc’s are located little further away from generally occupied ECC’s. 


Premium accommodation in Infosys Mysore.

Mostly all the ECC’s and rooms are 3 Star rated which has all the common facilities. 

While premium accommodation is also available in Infosys Mysore campus. Which ranges from 4-5 stars. These premium guest houses are solely for high ranked officials of the organization. 

The bi-cycle facility near ECC

There is almost 2km of the distance between ECC’s and GEC hence many bi-cyle points are available in front of your ECC’s.

Food courts are also built near your ECC’s. OASIS is one of the most popular and nearest functional food courts for both boys and girls.

Let’s read more about the food courts and food facilities in the next section.


5) Food Facilities in Infosys Mysore Campus

Let’s come to the most important aspect i.e. food. Infosys Mysore is the hub of trainees all around India. Hence it becomes very important to have various types of food options within the campus

To feed almost 15000+ total workforce on the campus there are more than 7 food courts available.

All the food courts are located strategically as per your routine. Also, they function as per the very general routine of overall DC.

Images of all food courts in infosys mysore DC

Including oasis.

Food breakdown in Infosys Mysore DC

Let’s start with breakfast.


Generally, breakfast is served in Oasis including other FC’s. But Oasis and Maitri food court are important from trainees point of view as it is near to ECC’s

At breakfast, you will get very basic North Indian food. Puri Sabji, various types of parathas are the most common.

Whereas for south Indians there are various options available. Idly, dosa, upma, uttapam, vada, sambar, etc.

Boiled and fried eggs are also provided at breakfast time.

Those who want to have Sandwich, various juices and more healthy breakfast, can opt for Dophin food. 

You will get almost all kinds of fruit juices. Sandwiches are also versatile and tasty.

Tea/coffee lover? Well this DC got it covered. You can get it from Hatti kappi or any other vendor of any food court.

Overall you can get well balanced and above-average healthy breakfast in Infosys Mysore DC.



When it comes to lunch then there are many options available. I will put several photos of the lunch menu so that you can have some ideas. Until then you can read this blog for food options in Mysore DC.

If you want to know quickly about lunch options so here is the list.

Basic north Indian and south Indian meals, Chinese, fresh food, biryanis, non-veg meals, chole bhatoore, Delhi Darbar, bread and few more cuisines.

Generally, lunch will be served at Magna food court (near to your classrooms), Arena food court, Fiesta food court (near gate 2) and enroute (near car parking building(MLPL))



Best is Gazeebo with many idly and dosa verities, Enroute FC with Chinese food and different Manchurians, Dominos in Fiesta and tea coffee, pakoda, poha, pav bhaji, vada pav plus other snacks are very common here.



Dinner options are also almost the same as lunch options. 


Cost of food in Infosys company in Mysore

Breakfast cost– idly vda ~ 25rs, juices ~25-30rs, Dosa~30-35rs, omelet and boiled eggs ~16-30rs, tea ~10rs

Lunch cost – Meals(Small/full) ~45-55rs , Nonveg meal ~55-60rs, Chinese ~45-77rs (basic street food cost) , biryanis(veg,egg,nonveg) ~ 55-65-80rs

Snacks- Many idlis and dosa verities ~30-55rs, Chinese and Manchurian ~45-50rs, pav bhaji ~30rs, vada pav ~20rs and the very basic cost of other items same as your hometown streetfood cost (but with better hygiene in any FC’s)

Dinner cost – Almost the same as lunch cost.

Basically overall expenditure on food will be around 100-150rs/day. Sometimes it can go up to 250-300 (weekends or with pizzas or biryanis)

Buffet system cost(Floating restaurant) – 350 per plate (Includes unlimited veg + non Veg)


6) Sports and Health Facilities In Infosys Mysore DC

Questions overloaded

Firstly, I can imagine all the questions of fitness freaks out there. Whether you will be able to maintain your fitness after coming here?

How are the gym facilities, How you will be maintaining your health, what about health facilities in Infosys Mysore? Will I able to play my favorite game? What I will do on weekends? Can I play cricket here? Is there any dedicated soccer ground? What about the swimming pool? what about my meals and diet? and many countless questions.

In this paragraph, I will try to explain all the health-related points.

Health facilities and hospital status and few things about emergencies.

Inside the campus itself, there is a small pharmacy available for very basic needs and quick checkups. You will get almost all kinds of generic medicines and few specific medicines.

More importantly, there is an ambulance available 24*7 for all emergencies. 

In addition to ambulance, nearby Appollo hospitals are also available to take campus cases on priority.

Also, first ad kits are available as well in RCC’s pharmacy.

Apart from this, Specialist also give a visit to DC in the basement of Enroute food court

In conclusion, All the basic health-related queries will get solve here.

Sports facilities in Infosys Mysore campus

Ultimately, it’s a long list. Almost all kinds of sports grounds are available here.

Firstly, for a cricket lover, a full-size cricket ground is available at the center of the Infosys Mysore campus.

Secondly, You will find one soccer ground near to the cricket ground. 

Thirdly, badminton and tennis courts are also built here

You can play squash as well.

Additionally, you can do Bowling in Bowling alley, Zumba classes, yoga sessions, dance classes, instruments, karate classes all are available. 

Some facilities like instruments and karate classes come occasionally.

Indoor games, such are carrom, pool, chess, hand soccer are also available here.

For fitness freaks Full-size gym is available. This gym has almost all the basic to mediocre level machines for best physical workouts. Yoga mats are also available inside the gym.

Those who love the Swimming pool will have no disappointment. Infosys Mysore campus has one large swimming pool in the RCC building.

Towels and showers everything is available near the swimming pool.

Ultimately for sports and health facilities, there is no compromise

Unfortunately, One thing that is a bit difficult to do here is to follow a high protein diet. For getting the same amount of protein from FC’s you have to spend much more.

Additionally,  you won’t get resources and time to create your own meal here. Hence, it is recommended to medium


7) General facilities In Infy Mysure Campus

Shopping facilities

Basic Facilities: You can purchase the most common things like chocolate book bags undergarments drinks noodles etc inside Infosys Mysore campus. The campus has one general shop where you can get almost all things. This shop is a built-in RCC building.

From books to most common stationary needs, perfumes, comb, bottles, shampoo, conditioner, soap, biscuits, chips, Dettol disinfectant, handwash, and many more things are available here.

They accept cash, card and sooner UPI’s

Buy clothes and Infosys store: Infosys Mysore campus also features one small clothing shop which a couple of outlets. Indigo Nation is one of them. You can buy clothes, T-shirts and Infosys merch from this store. Watches, infy water bottles, ID cardholders are also available.

Buy sim cards: You can buy sim cards of various companies like airtel, JIO, Vodafone inside the campus itself. There is one service center where all major telecoms outlets are present. 

You can go with your issue over there, Hence no need to go outside the campus at most times.


Banking and Cash facilities in Infosys company, Mysore 

Bank branch in campus – By default, you can choose either ICICI or axis bank for your salary bank account. Both banks are having their one branch inside the campus. They are in GEC.

So any queries and bank-related issues you can go to GEC’s and they will give you assistance.

ATM: Apart from banks ATM is placed at many places on the campus. You will find some ATMs in the RCC building. Hence no need to worry about cash. 

Bus Booking: An Intercity bus booking facility is available on the ground floor of Arean FC.

Postal services: For sending any kind of post courier or receive them, no need to go outside the campus. Near Gate 2 blue dart is available. You are most likely to come at least one time to receive your credit card.

Parking facility: Own a vehicle? This DC has a multi-level car/bike facility. MLPL is a multi-floor building specially created for parking.

Helicopter Helipad: Non-relevant to most of us. But this campus now has two helipads, and the third is on the top of a building near Enroute.


Photo studio, photocopy facilities in infy mysure DC

Photo studio: For any kind of printing service or merchandise is done at photo studio based on GEC 2 ground floor. This studio is located near to Magna food court. 

Why this info is relevant? Unquestionably, everyone has to come here for a passport size photo. This photo will be printed on your ID card. Despite this compulsory process it is paid and costs 50/-

This photo studio also provides printing facilities on a t-shirt, mugs, etc. Definitely you don’t want to miss your one batch photos and its print. 

You can also order for the frame and they give high-quality prints.

Photocopy and photo print facility: For xerox/photocopies printers and xerox machines are available at GEC1. Although this is a paid service. You have to pay for the photocopies as the vendors are external. 

Unlike paid photocopies for freshers, generally print and photocopies facilities are free for permanent employees.

Overall, Almost all the general facilities are available in the campus itself. So need to leave campus for all major needs. Trainees can spend their quality time is the campus. 

Although at some point you will feel need to go outside, for some specific medicines, eggs or outings. 


8) Frequently asked questions about Infosys Mysore Campus

Here is the link to answer Below Questions.

Freshers Querries on infosys mysore Campus

  • Is pen drive allowed in campus? Can I bring my pen drive or hard drive inside the campus?
  • Can I bring a laptop inside infy campus?
  • Are parents allowed in infy campus? How to bring family inside Infosys Mysore campus?
  • Can I smoke inside the infy Mysore campus? Is smoking allowed inside the campus?
  • Including more one by one, you can head on to for very specific questions.

 Detailed answers are available on link above.

9) Life at Infosys Mysore.

Getting trained at Infosys Mysore is a one time opportunity. Those who are trained here and spent their small part of life here, they know it very well.

One of the best thing that can happen after your college is Infosys Mysore training (if you are planning for a job)

Infosys Mysore and its training is nothing but more professional and entertaining and extended college days, where you will be paid for learning.

From learning to living completely in a new environment, making friends for life, improving daily lifestyle and preparing for upcoming corporate life, all start with Infosys Mysore campus.

Well, not everybody gets a chance to live in Infosys Mysore DC, as new DC’s are emerging as training centers for Infosys. Infosys Hyderabad SEZ is the best example.

I myself was trained only for 1 month and transferred to Chennai. But those who lived here for 3 months or at max 6 months up to 1 year in training, they know this place very well.

Below is some link that describes life at Infosys Mysore Campus. Nowadays people are documenting their full Infosys training journey so you can have a look at them as well.


10) Image Gallery of Infosys Mysore Campus


11) Training facilities and training period at Infosys Mysore Campus

Welcome to Infosys Mysore Campus.

This is a great place to start your IT career. So wanna know what are the training facilities will be given to you? Additionally few words on the Training period at Infosys mysore.

Firstly, You will be spending 45% of all the time in training. Yes, the schedule is hectic. But not for those who are smart enough to understand everything easily. 

Each student gets their own desktop machine which is strictly to be not shared with anyone.

Using that machine for any other purpose is strictly restricted.

Mostly all the vulnerable and non-relevant websites are blocked. 

No data exchange should take place. Do remember, no sensitive information should go out of the organization.

Your mails will be monitored and any violation in rules will be punished accordingly. Additionally one can face termination as well.

Don’t get panic, These are just instructions and if you follow all the rules and regulation, everything will be okay. 


Now lets come to your training period and timings.

Your classes start at 9 AM and last up to 5 PM. In between, you will get breaks up to 1.5 hrs. After 5 PM few tends to leave their classrooms. But mostly everyone gets busy doing their assignment. For completing your assignment it takes 2-3 hrs.

I have seen many students studying up to 10 PM.

Normal weekdays are pretty much packed with studies and training.

additionally, a few students come on weekends to complete their work.

What you will get inside the classroom? Tools software requirements and additional info.

Infosys training kicks off from very basic stuff to advance stuff.


The whole training period is divided into multiple sections. 

  • Learning and development
  • Generic Training
  • Stream Training
  • And all the assessments.

In learning and development, you will learn many things related to getting open in the corporate environment. Generally, all the corporate etiquette will be taught to you.

Infosys training for freshers conducted based on their qualifications.

  1. BSc’s (3 months)
  2. BTech(6 months)

Generic training will consist of learning the most common programming languages and basic IT skills. For example, python, oops concepts, SQL, querries, DBMS, etc.

Generic training is an extension of your college syllabus. 


Stream Training

In this paragraph, I will tell about stream training for BSc.

In stream training of Infosys Mysore, you will be exposed to JAVA, Selenium, DBMS, JDBC, HP ALM, and fundamental testing concepts.

After each step assessment will be done. If someone fails an assessment they can also give re-examination.

Assessment sequence in Infosys training at mysure

  1. Generic assessment
  2. Learning and development assessment ( L&D) 1
  3. Stream assessments
  4. L&D Presentation skills and re-assessments 
  5. Stream re-assessments
  6. L&D Presentation skills and re-assessments

Although It looks like a very long sequence but luckily if you pass in every exam, then there are only 4 assessments.

Few unfortunates from every batch go through all the assessments.

Ultimately, when you will complete the training period, you will appreciate yourself. It is a very different feeling to complete the Infosys training and get a black tag. 

  • Color tag ( Id card Straps) for trainees.
  • Black tag for permanent employees.

You will feel the difference between both of them.

So this is how your training period goes into Infosys Mysore campus.


12) Do’s and Don’t in Infosys company in Mysore

You can do everything but remember the don’t

  1. Don’t smoke anywhere on the campus.
  2. Avoid drink alcohol and enter inside the Infosys Mysore Campus
  3. Do not come after 8 PM from outside the campus, you won’t be allowed inside
  4. At max 11.30 pm and after that don’t roam in the campus.
  5. Raising false security alarms are strictly prohibited.
  6. Don’t enter in girl’s hostel/room.
  7. Playing cards outside your hostel rooms are also not allowed.
  8. Don’t send any code or sensitive information outside the organization
  9. Try to avoid playing games or surfing social sites while in classrooms
  10. Bringing food chips soft drinks is not allowed in classrooms.
  11. Don’t bring pen drives and hard drives.


13) My thoughts about Mysore DC, Infosys

Ahem, This is the best part for me to talk openly about this beloved DC. I have been to almost many Infosys branches across India. But Infosys Mysore Campus is one of the best DC’s.

This DC is getting old and newer DC’s like Hyderabad sez etc are racing ahead. But due to initials memories and because of the first impression we all like this place very much.

Clearly, this place is having all the amenities and all the ingredients to cook a new recipe or make a newer chapter in your life.

In addition, You will get BFF’s,  you will learn many things, you will meet any people all across the nation. You will see the best of north Indian south Indian bond here only. 

This place unites people and teaches you many things. On top of it you get paid for all the joy, entertainment.


Few criticisms?

I know many people don’t praise the training system or the technologies trained for freshers. Even many consider not to join Infosys as a fresher. But let me tell you one thing if joining Infosys as a fresher is the best version instead of joining it as a lateral.

Whereas,  those who criticize it, well everything is expected and growth is everywhere. When it comes to a job this is the perfect place to start a corporate journey, especially for Bscs.

Finally, this was all about the Infosys Mysore Campus. If you read up to here, definitely you are so much interested in this place. Surely you also wanted to come or in fact, might be coming here sooner.

Read more informative posts about Infosys Mysore DC in our blog and,

Do let me know about your thoughts below in the comments on this Infosys company in Mysore, Karnataka.

Definitely, I will catch you all guys in the next post. See you. peace!

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anisha k · August 31, 2020 at 12:43 pm

i wand to join in infosys

iam fnished in M.E.shytem cummunication pls help us .

my mobile 8148815611

    Head · November 11, 2020 at 5:13 am

    Hi Anisha, fo joining the firm you have to go through interview process. After selection you will invited to either Infosys mysore campus or any other campuses depending upon your location.

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