List of all facilities in Infosys Mysore campus are as follows:

  1. Accommodation facilities
  2. Food facilities
  3. Sports facilities
    • Indoor sports facilities
    • outdoor sports facilities
  4. Training and Learning facilities
  5. Banking facilities
  6. Gym and fitness facilities
  7. Swimming pool
  8. Shopping facilities
  9. Grooming, Gift,
  10. Transport facilities
  11. Parking facilities
  12. Courier and packing facilities
  13. Telecom service center and SIM card facilities

Facilities nearby Infosys Mysore Campus

  1. Public Transport facilities
  2. Food Facilities
  3. Accommodation near campus and facilities
  4. Shopping facilities (Kirana stores, malls)

Infosys Mysore Campus Facilities available inside: In detail

Accommodation facilities

Separate buildings have been built which are known as ECC (Employee care center) for accommodation. These ECCs are either eight-story buildings or 4 story guesthouse.

Accommodations is separated for trainees and visitors. I have created a detailed guide about accommodation in Infosys Mysore Campus along with charges and the process to get accommodation. Check out the link to know more.

Accommodation for parents in Infosys Mysore Campus

Food Facilities

There is a total of 8 food courts present on the campus. You will get a vast variety of food which. Trainees are expected to eat their breakfast, lunch, and dinner inside the campus

There is a special floating restaurant which is a premium food facility inside the campus.

Fast food facilities are also available in all the food courts. Dominos outlet is present at the very first food court of the campus.

I have created a detailed post about food facilities and Infosys Mysore campus. Make sure to checkout.

Sports Facilities

You will get sports ground of all major games Inside Infosys campus of mysuru. Dedicated Cricket, football, tennis, badminton court, basketball courts and marathon synthetic jogging track as well.

Indoor sports facilities – Carrom, chess, hand soccer, badminton etc are the facilities available inside the RCC center

Outdoor sports facilities – full-size cricket ground, football ground, tennis court, basketball court, marathon track are available inside this campus.

Gym and Fitness Facilities in Infosys Mysore DC

Infosys got the fitness freaks covered in this DC as well. There is an dedicated gym with all the essential epquiments.

Apart from GYM, there are separate places for Yoga, dancing, Aerobics activities.

Swimming Pool facilities

Love swimming? Well, there is a large swimming pool as well near the gym. You can enjoy swimming at a certain time which is the same as gym time. Generally, GYM and fitness activities or courts will be operational from

Recreational Center RCC building.

RCC building is a multifunctional building that houses a gym, indoor games courts, a small shopping complex, telecom service centers.

Additionally, it houses a Bowling alley, squash court, Pool table as well which adds more activities to do in your bucket.

Health / Clinic / Ambulance facilities

For any kind of medical emergencies, campus has Ambulance facilities for free which will get you to the nearest hospital (mostly Appollo)

There is one dedicated clinic available inside the campus. You can consult a doctor for free. Although you have to purchase the medicines on your own.

First aid services are also available inside the campus.

Special consultant visit – There is also a special consultant visit inside the campus on weekly basis. Although this service is not free but the minimum charge is guaranteed.

Smoking Facilities – Earlier there were dedicated smoking zones were built for smokers. But due to recent policy changes, smoking is now allowed in Infosys Mysore Campus.

Shopping facilities in Infosys Mysore campus

General stuff for purchasing: In RCC building there is a convenience store which has almost all the basic stuff in it which you may need on daily basis. From stationary stuff to basic eatables(no egg) are available. If you want to know the availability of any specific item do comment below.

Buying clothes: RCC building has an in-house cloth store which mainly keeps Indigo nation brand stuff. You can also get some artifacts and Id cardholder over there.

Apart from RCC building there is one small convenio store in one of the main food court Oasis.

Buying SIM and electronics (Telecom service center and SIM card facilities): So you can buy a sim inside the campus itself. BTW if you are jio user you won’t be walking near this store 😛

Service centers of Airtel and Vodafone were present here until the last update. As of now no update on JIO’s availability here.

Grooming facilities: You can get your haircut done inside the campus. Just go to the RCC building and get your hair cut done inside the campus.

Buying gift: You will glad to know that other Infosys dc’s are welcoming Archies. Sooner Archies will be opened in Infosys Mysore Campus. After that, your celebrations will also be having a few gifts to remember.

Photo Studio: In GEC2 there is a photo studio where you have to go on the very first day to get your ID photos clicked.

Additionally, if you have to get a photo frame of your memories or artifacts then you will get some good quality stuff here.

Transport and Parking facilities Inside infy Mysore Campus

Transport facilities inside campus:

Mysore DC is spread over 350 acres. There should be some transport facilities to move around on the campus.

  1. Golf Carts – For the movement of visitors, clients, and first-day last day visit of trainees in certain cases.
  2. Campus buses – On weekends for picking visitors, these buses run from guest hotels to the main gate. Also on the first and last day, they carry trainees to GEC – ECC and vice versa.
  3. Bi-Cycles – This is the best part. There are almost 7000+ cycles placed all over the campus. You can pick and use them from any cycle parking point. Do remember don’t leave your cycles on road or anywhere other than cycle parking.
  4. Two-wheelers: Not allowed to roam inside the campus.
  5. Four-wheelers: Not allowed to roam inside the campus.
  6. Intercity Bus facilities: Those who are living outside the campus can avail the intercity bus facilities provided by Infosys. This is a paid service and you have to go to the transport desk and make a pass.
  7. Intercity bus facilities: To use this facility you can book the ticket from ARENA food court ground floor. Over there you will get more information about bus schedules, ticket prices and the frequency of the buses.
  8. Parking facilities: Infosys Mysore Campus has a dedicated parking building

Mainly from employees, if you visit campus in your own vehicle, then you can use the parking facilities of the campus.

Parking fees are based on a daily basis or a monthly basis. To know the exact rate you have to contact to transport desk. To avail of the facility, you have to swipe your Employee Id card before entering into parking building.

Banking, salary account, and Courier facilities

Banking facilities and Salary Account – When you will join Infosys as a fresher you will need to have a salary account created in the first month.

In Infosys, you have in-house branches of Indias two popular banks i.e. ICICI and AXIS bank. You can opt to open a salary account in either of these.

During induction account opening related kit will be given to you BTW, these two bank branches are located in the GEC2 building.

Your credit card will be sent to you after your salary account creation. You can collect it from the courier point.

Courier Facilities– Courier facility is available near gate 2 of Infosys Mysore campus. Soon after you will swipe inside the campus, this courier point is on the left side.

You will have to come here at least once to get your credit card. Apart from that if you want to send any gifts to your family or want to receive any proof document you can visit give the address of this courier point.

Training and Learning Facilities

Training buildings and facilitiesInfosys training is widely popular among IT employees. During your training period, you will be greeted by many facilities present inside the campus but in this section.

I will write about points related to training and study.

There are two separate buildings GEC1 and GEC 2. These buildings are built for training the trainees. Each trainee will get a dedicated computer.

Get to know about Infosys Training in Detail

Trainees will be taught basic communications and interactive skills in the first 3-4 days. These sessions are called L&D sessions.

Depending upon your selection you will be taught the related technologies and general programming exposure. This will be followed by specific stream training.

Reading and Library facilities

If you are a Books worm will be getting one of the finest corporate library in the India to sit and read.

Infosys Mysore campus has one of the best libraries which has almost 75000 books.

Read all about Intership in Infosys Mysore Campus

This library is present in GEC2. Anyone can visit and read the book. If you don’t wanna read books then you will also get magazines and the latest newspapers.

Other facilities in Infosys Mysore Campus

Well over here I will be listing out some facilities which are passive in nature.

Photography facilities – Although this doesn’t mean you will be getting any types of equipment for photography, instead you will get this beautiful campus for your shoots. You can take out your phone and can get a beautiful picture with amazing views and nature.

Phycological benefits – Just from college life you will be dropped to a place which will be like college life at a new place and you will be earning for your learning. This will be going to give you a great phycological advantage.

Environmental and health facilities/benefits- Those who are coming from city areas or from places where the environment and air quality is poor, will going to enjoy the stay over here.

As per my knowledge, I have covered almost all the facilities present in Infosys Mysore Campus.

Trainees will be getting all the major facilities from the accommodation to food, shopping, learning, health, transport, and fitness facilities inside the mysuru DC.

This is about all about Infosys Mysore Campus facilities in detail. If you have anything in mind please do let me know in the comments below.

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