Infosys Mysore Campus is the largest training center in India. It is built considering trainees in mind.

Earlier this campus was solely built for trainees, but from the last few years, mainstream development of new buildings for employees also began.

Let’s see What Infosys Mysore campus has to offer to its employees/trainees.

  1. Location in the city
  2. The awesome infrastructure of Infosys Mysore campus
  3. Inhouse food courts Campus
  4. Learning Centers (GEC)
  5. Accommodation facilities on the campus
  6. Health facilities in Campus
  7. Entertainment in Infosys Mysore Campus
  8. Sports facilities in Infosys Mysore

Location in the City

Infosys Mysore campus is located in Hebbal Electronic Area. This area is near the northern border of Mysore City.

Mysore is India’s one of the cleanest city. Areas around campus is also neat and clean.

The infrastructure of Infosys Mysore Campus

There is no exception that infy Mysore campus is one of the best selling point for freshers. Why Infosys campus at Mysore is considered as the best place to start the IT journey? Let’s see.

When You leave your home for the first time for job, then what are the important things you need to survive outside? All the ingredients that you required are covered here.

Food facilities in Infosys Mysore Campus.

This campus is built to feed almost thousands of employees at once. To handle this much of load there has to be multiple food courts available.

As a result, there almost 10 food courts in Infosys Mysore Campus.

Some are gigantic, where more than 1000-2000 trainees can eat at once.

Each food court has a variety of vendors. Each vendor offers their unique taste and food type.

You will get north Indian style food, south Indian style food, Chinese, healthy food and many more.

There are so many options and food courts to choose from.

Based on your location you can go to any nearest food court.

Accommodation facilities in the campus

Here at Infosys, hostel referred to as ECC (Employee care center). There are more than 90 ECC buildings available for both boys and girls.

Each ECC and its room has all the required facilities. I will create an in-depth post about facilities available in all the ECC’s

Learning Centers in Infosys Mysore Campus

Here, learning centers are referred to as Global Education Center(GEC).

Infosys Mysore campus has two gigantic learning centers i.e. GEC1 and GEC2. Both GEC’s have the capacity of training 10000 trainees at the same time.

Both GEC’s have hundreds of classrooms that can house more than 100+ employees in each.

Each class is fully air-conditioned and packed with all modern-day facilities. You will get free coffee tea milk on each floor of GEC.

Classrooms are very spacious and big and maintained very well.

My favorite is GEC2 in terms of visuals. I was trained in GEC 1 which was having building gardens and few spots to do photography.

Getting a transfer to Infosys Hyderabad sez? Read Infosys Hyderabad sez campus overview for more info.

Entertainment facilities in Infosys training center Mysore

After getting tired of on weekdays, trainees can enjoy free movies on weekends in the inhouse Multiplex.

This is an amazing place to go with your new friends. All the latest movies will be played here. You won’t feel the need of going outside the campus for movies.

Even employees can watch movies by paying 50rupees per seat.

Screen quality and sound quality is way better than those avg multiplex outside the campus.

Sadly, I got a chance to watch only one movie i.e. Ms. Dhoni. But you know what? It was worth watching and getting that experience.

This multiplex is also one of the best places to get clicked. It is one of the photography symbol of the infy campus at Mysore.

There is also a food court attached to this multiplex. This food court offers a variety of fast food. In this food court only I had my first byte of the campus.

Health Facilities in Infy Campus

For any medical emergencies and first-ads, there is 24*7 Apollo pharmacy is available.

This pharmacy provides free consultancy to trainees. You will get all the common drugs prescribed by the doctor.

This infy campus has an ambulance service as well. Once you will complete your onboarding, you will get all the emergencies related contacts and information in Induction.

In addition, You will get gym facilities as well. You have to pay 500rs per month to avail this service. 500rs is not only for the gym but for all the facilities available. You can go to yoga, dance classes, play pool, carrom, chess, tennis, basketball, and much more.

Sports-Related facilities in Infosys Mysore campus

This is one of the best feature of this campus. From indoor to outdoor, you can play almost all the major sports here.

This campus has dedicated ground for cricket, jogging track, football.

Also, there is a tennis court, basketball court as well.

For more activities you can do wall climbing.

One large swimming pool is also available in the Infosys Mysore campus.

There are many important and minor facilities that are also available but I will create them in the future.

As of now, this was an overview of the Infosys Mysore campus. Sooner I will be putting more information about campus.

Do let me know down in the comments if you have any doubts and queries.

Catch you guys in the next post. Peace.


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