Let’s answer one of the most favorite question by trainees “Can I bring my parents to Infosys Mysore campus?”

Have you started thinking about bringing your family to the Infosys Mysore campus?

You might have already impressed with this beautiful place and wanted to bring your parents as well, isn’t it?

Well, It is possible. This is very good for company PR. You can bring your parents in Infosys Mysore campus without any hesitation.

Let them have a look how much your are enjoying and where you are living while working.

How to bring parents to Infosys Mysore Campus?

There are two ways to bring your parents to Infosys Mysore campus or in fact any campus.

  1. Weekends- By default, anyone can bring their parents on weekends
  2. Weekdays- You have to raise an accommodation request.

How to bring parents in Infosys Mysore campus on Weekends

If you want to bring your family to this campus on weekends then it’s a straight forward process.

On weekends come by 10 AM to the main gate. Over there you have to create visitor pass for your parents.

This won’t take much time. Security staff will ask all the required details and capture a photo of a visitor.

Do remember: Please bring any government ID as a proof of your parents.

ID will be used to verify the visitor at the main gate while creating a visitor pass.

Once your visitor pass get created you can bring your parent and family inside the campus.

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How to bring parents to Infosys campus on Weekdays

First thing you won’t be available for a campus tour with your family on weekdays. So as a trainee it is not recommended to bring your parents on weekdays.

I have seen employees from other DC’s visit Mysore campus with their family on Weekdays.

What is the process?

Well, even if you are a trainee or permanent employee you can bring your parents in the campus on weekdays from the following method.

Go to the company portal and raise an accommodation request. Enter the details of your parents/visitors and the required dates.

Make sure you are raising requests one month prior to the actual visit.

Once your accommodation gets confirmed you can bring your parents on weekdays as well.

The process will be the same. You have to create visitor’s pass for them. After creating a visitor pass you have to take them to the ECC rooms.

For parents generally, ECC rooms are separated from trainees.

I will create another full-length post about rules and regulations + do’s and don’t about accommodations.

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Type of visits for families in Infosys Mysore campus

There are two types of visits for family members.

  • Full day visit (Requires accommodation)
  • Half-Day visit (Doesn’t requires accommodation)

Half-day visit in Infosys Mysore campus for parents and families

This type of visit starts from 10 AM and lasts till 4 PM but people extend it till 4.30 PM. This is basically a slot based visit. First half and second half of the day. You have to choose any one slot and must leave visit the campus during that slot only.

Generally, people do not tend to follow it and despite registering into any slot, end up spending the whole day on this beautiful campus.

Visitors must leave the campus by 5 PM. If you are not swiped out by 5 PM you are expected to receive a call from security.

So it’s better to complete your photo session and campus visit before 5 PM and leave the campus happily.

Full day visit in Infosys mysore campus with parents and families.

This is my favorite as there will be no restriction to leave the campus by 5 PM. But for this type of visit, you have to book your accommodation.

If you have your accommodation booked then you can stay over there after 5 PM.

Also, you can get up early in the morning and go for a walk with your parents.

9-11 PM is the best time in the morning for the photo sessions. You can simply roam everywhere (allowed places) on the campus.

You should either go to your ECC rooms or any of the food courts in the afternoon time. Only recommended in the summer season and a very sunny day.

Top Things to do in Infosys Mysore along with Parents/ family #Checklist

  1. Take them to GEC2 and inside.
  2. Show them Multiplex and nearby areas
  3. Must go to Floating restaurant (food quality debatable). #dinnner
  4. The pond behind Oasis.
  5. Arena food court (a cup of tea in front of cricket stadium)
  6. If possible to your ECC rooms (will confirm whether allowed or not)
  7. Marathon track + origami building.
  8. Click many photos and videos.

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I will be creating an in-depth post about following for more information about a visit to Infy campus at Mysore

  1. How to bring a vehicle in Infosys Mysore campus while campus visit.
  2. Can I bring my wife in Infosys Mysore campus
  3. Can I come with my spouse in Infosys Mysore campus
  4. How to bring non-blood relatives(friends) to Infosys Mysore campus
  5. How to bring your children to Infosys Mysore campus (at your workplace)

So stay tuned for better updated. I hope I have cleared your doubts regarding can I bring parents in Infosys Mysore campus.

Yes, they are allowed. All the blood relatives of yours allowed in Infy Mysore DC. If you skimmed through the post and didn’t follow the process, then go above and read everything about bringing your family to DC.

Thanks for reading this information, catch you guys in the next one. Peace.

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