Here is the good news in response to “Is laptop allowed in Infosys Mysore Campus“.

Now you can bring your laptop to the Infosys Mysore Campus. But there are several things that you must need to know.

We all know the benefits of a laptop. I myself wanted to bring my laptop when I was coming for training here(2016). But few days before I came to know I can’ bring my laptop on Infosys Mysore campus.

It was a hard decision to put the laptop at home but later It turned out to be a good decision (no choice :-P)

1 Question and 1 statement

  1. Question- Why you want to bring a laptop in campus
  2. Statement –
    1. For trainees – You won’t feel the need of a laptop or get time to use it.
    2. For laterals- You can bring for all good reasons.

Why you want to bring your personal laptop in the campus.

If you are a trainee, I am sure after college you might have got addicted to your personal computer. Leaving it behind and coming here at Infosys Mysore might be tough but it is worth not brining.

I will say this many times, that you can use all those things later in life, but come here for 3-6 months for complete enjoyment and focused learning.

Create memories and spend your time with your new and friends or future BFF’s

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Fresh updates

The only good reason for which you can bring your laptop is for backups and get the job done quickly.

I do photography and need much space to store my media. I can’t bring my Pendrive in the campus. But why? Read it below

So, lets come to the laptop. If you want to backup your videos and photos and keep them safe then you can bring your laptop for good. Laptop is not like something that can be carried to the places where data breach may occur like GEC’s.

If you do stocks then you might need your laptop for a better chart view. But I will recommend that the money you will earn during your training period leaving other things aside is not worthy.

If you are so much of expert in trading, then you can do it later but enjoy this period for good.

How to Bring a personal laptop in Infosys Mysore Campus

Way back in 2016, bringing laptops was not allowed at all. One day I saw a notice board which was saying “personal laptops are liable to check and must be declared”.

I went to the security guard and asked about it. Then I came to know, now we can bring our personal laptops to the Infosys campus.

[above scenario happened in Infosys Hyderabad SEZ ]

Now, this permission is universal for all the campuses in Infosys. Recently I again visited Infosys Mysore campus. But this time with my personal laptop.

I didn’t faced any issues. At the security gate, It took only two minutes to give details of my laptop

Remember: Take a photo of your laptop from the bottom side.[ the model number and other details]

You have to make an entry in their logbook of your laptop. While returning back or final checkout you have to do re-enter final date of your laptop in campus date in the same logbook.

This might take some time if books got changed during your stay for more days.

By the above method, you can carry your laptop in Infosys Mysore Campus.

But should you bring it? Well, for safer side you should. But don’t stick to it with movies playing games or other things.

Make it restricted to use for only data storage and doing any important work.

No one is telling me, Is pen drive allowed in Infosys Mysore campus.

Exclusive Post

Where to use your laptop in Infosys Mysore Campus

I read some notice board related to it, but can’t remember in which DC.

It was saying that the use of a personal laptop has to be restricted to your ECC rooms.

And not 100% sure about usage anywhere in campus. Better to ask security person while entering or I will give you an update on this.

For sure, Do not bring your laptop in any GEC. Brining laptop to your classroom in totally prohibited.

One thing for sure that you won’t feel a need of brining your laptop outside your ECC room. So better to keep it secured in your rooms only.

Well, this was all about “Is laptop allowed in Infosys Mysore Campus”.

Yes, laptops are allowed in Infosys Mysore. Make sure to declare it outside the main gate. If you are bringing your laptop for passing time then, it’s not recommended to bring it.

[What about bringing cigarettes? Find out is smoking allowed in Infosys Mysore campus]

I hope this information might have given you some idea about your plan for bringing a laptop to the Infosys Mysore campus.

What is the main purpose you want to bring your laptop to Infosys Mysore? Do let me know in the comments below.

See you guys in the next post. Peace!

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jay · September 9, 2020 at 7:32 am


    Head · November 11, 2020 at 5:14 am

    Am I suppose to call you? Please dont drop your contact numbers in the comment.

Gokul · July 21, 2021 at 8:52 am

I believe it will take more time for non-CS students to practice coding. That could be the reason for carrying a laptop.

    Head · November 10, 2021 at 10:21 am

    Anyhow interested students spend 9AM to 10.30PM in class.

Abhishek dirisipo · October 27, 2021 at 8:02 pm

Yes . I liked to bring my laptop for show off and programming purposes

    Head · November 10, 2021 at 10:26 am

    Laptop for show off, Hahaha. Its 2021.

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