Hi All,

Why I have created infosysmysore.in? Well, Infosys Mysore is the most happening place for IT graduates.

When I came to know I will be posted to Infosys Mysore, I have started searching a lot about this place. I was having many queries, and all the information was available on the internet was very discrete.

When I came here and lived my piece of the moment and went from here, then I thought to express about this place.

There is far more about Infosys Mysore is there that we need to know and see. To tell all the important and additional information, I have created this blog (infosysmysore.in)

You will get mostly all the necessary information about this campus. In starting I will be posting all about Infosys Mysore Campus. Then I will try to cover FAQ’s.

Once this get’s done, I will post info about the onboarding process.

So if you are planning to come here for a job as a trainee, make sure to stay updated with this blog.

Also, in you are posted to this DC from other DC’s, you will get a good idea about this campus here on Infosysmysore.in

This is the first post here at Infosysmysore.in. Much more useful information is yet to come. So once again stay tuned.

and catch you guys in the next one. Peace. [MKBHD]

Blog creator: Bhim Chawhan



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